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 5 LOCAL JAZZ Musician were selected to learn from and teach with the NY faculty and help in the instruction of the workshop and be part of the final ensemble performances at the SBG. 

J@RD 2017 was fortunate to have some of the best, upcoming and already recognised jazz cats of Singapore as our LTIP participants. 

- Anson Fung (Guitar)

- Rit Xu (Flute)

- Aaron James Lee (Drums)

- Daniel Purnomo (Guitar)

- John Koh (Bass)

JazzAsia, the students of J@RD 2017 and the Faculty of J@RD 2017 are grateful to our LTIP participants for being the essential bridge between the NY teachers and the local students. 

If you would like to Apply to be an LTIP for 2018, please send your resume and a letter on what you can contribute to the J@RD workshop and what you would like to take away from the teachers.





Rit XU

Singapore-based award winning flutist, composer, educator and recording artist, Rit Xu has emerged as a leading light of his generation and is slowly gaining international recognition for his lyrical, thoughtful and introspective musical voice on the flute. His passionate, wholehearted and at times highly energetic performances has won the admiration of fans and fellow musicians worldwide. In 2014, Rit was recognized for his finesse as a flutist and improviser by being named winner of the NFA Jazz Artist Competition; the first Southeast Asian to win a solo jazz competition in the United States.

Although the Boehm flute is his primary tool of expression, his versatility extends to a broad spectrum of instruments in the flute family including the EWI, Chinese bamboo flutes, shakuhachi, Indian bansuri, Andes quena and the pan flutes. Rit played all flute solos in the soundtrack of Taiwanese epic movie, Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale, which won the 48th Golden Horse Award for best original film score

As a passionate music educator, Rit Xu has been teaching the fundamental to finer points of flute-playing since 2008. Founding www.flutelessons.sg in 2016, he made it his mission to turn out as many students that have the same love for music and flute as he does.


As Musician
His engineering background and artistic passion make Daniel to always be on exploration of new sound, new approach in music to create a "good mood" music to his listeners. As a fingerstyle and "pick user" guitarist Daniel is well equipped to play "guitar in the band" and to play "band in the guitar" too. As Lasalle graduate he has been actively performing for many of private, corporate, national and international events. His current ongoing project is about Touchstyle guitar which enables him to play two guitar parts simultaneously (some explanation about touchstyle guitar -




Daniel Purnomo

As Guitar Designer
As an engineer and artist he always see guitar instrument as an original artistic piece of art. He is inspired by usual thing in life and turn it into an artistic, ergonomic and well function guitar.


As Educator
Daniel has been actively teaching privately, in some International Schools, some Community Clubs, as well as conducting his jazz guitar workshop programs. His step by step teaching method that reveals the logic of music and yet so "hands-on" has been benefiting many of his students. His goal is to teach his students to eventually be able to explore the music by themselves.


Anson Fung

Anson Fung is an experienced cross-genre guitarist. Self-taught since age 15, he decided to pursue a career in music and enrolled in Lasalle. Anson plays for events and functions and has sessioned for local and international acts. He has performed at the Esplanade numerous times and has leading his own jazz groups.


He was featured in the Straits Times as a featured member of Esplanade’s Bright Young Things programme, which mentors young up and coming jazz musicians. He was also selected from the entire graduating cohort of Lasalle to be featured in Lianhe Zaobao.

Anson currently performs as a session guitarist for acts around town and the region, besides leading, managing and performing with his R&B acts, Grind Effect and Anson Road, his Blues band The Blues Initiative, and his Jazz acts, the Anson Fung Organ Trio, Anson Fung Quartet and Anson Fung Guitar Trio.

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